Small Raw Rough Cut Crystal, 2-4cm

Small Raw Rough Cut Crystal, 2-4cm

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Balance and harmonize any space with our raw rough-cut crystal, sold as single, 2-4cm.

These are rough rocks for jewellery making, DIY crafts, chakra balancing and other spiritual purposes (crystal healing), home or garden decoration (feng shui), and more.

Rough stones are great for balancing the chakra during reiki therapy and reiki meditation. During meditation, the raw stones will vibrate and balance your energy when in contact with the ground.

Each natural crystal represents good fortune and luck. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible forms. Perfect gift for beginners or crystal lovers.

The stone is irregular, unpolished and rough. NATURAL, RAW & ROUGH STONE - This crystal piece has been chiselled and left bare to capture the rough nature of the raw details. HEALING CRYSTAL FOR ALTAR DECOR - Perfect size, the stone can be used for your altar decoration or other healing practices.